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Dolby Atmos

DivineBeats contains the most latest Dolby atmos.

48000 Khz Sampling

You know you will get 48000 Khz Sampling or maybe more as per your device.

Divine Equalizer

Boost your base or other effects with Divine Equalizer

Sony Walkman

Sony walkman is also for you to customize your sound.

Sony Music

Play your music with sony music get the best out of it.


Experience the divinity of Viper4Android and make your sound divine.

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Every build of Divine Beats is highly stable and we try our best to provide you hassle free experience.

Compatible with MM & Lollipop

Divine Beats is compatible with Android Marshmallow and Lollipop and maybe on KitKat too.


A lot people have tried it and it is available for various devices with an amazing support from fellow users and developers in forums.


Be a part of Divine Beats community by contributing in the development of Divine Beats. Show us your creativity and next DB build could be of yours.

A little Request

Please we request you if you do not know about rooting, custom recovery, custom ROM and flashing then do not try this. You may end up in bricking your device

Constant Updates

We are constantly fixing the bugs encountered and therefore giving you constant periodic updates.

Battery Friendly

Even with so many customizations and features available, Divine Beats is very battery-friendly. We avoid battery hogging features.


A lot of mods are integrated in Divine Beats to give you ultimate sound. For more nerdy features click here

Every new user's testimonial:

"The most Badass Sound Mod. Can't believe my headphone can produce such Divine sound"



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Original Creator


Original Divine Beats Creator and Maintainer


DivineBeats is thankful to all contributors and manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, Sony etc.

We would also like to thank the following people for their vital contributions to Divine Beats.

zhuhang @ XDA - for Viper4android
mrchezco1995 @ XDA - for Pons audio,
androidexpert35 @ XDA - for his awesome work,
worstenbrood @ XDA - for Dolby ATMOS
guitardedhero @ XDA - for ViPER|Atmos,
arcatarc @ XDA - for his awesome Am3D Zirene Audio Fx
AdvaitT17 @ XDA - For making webview App for DB (Coming Soon)
TheRoyalSeeker @ XDA - Original DivineBeats Creator

Divine Beats is thankful to all its contributors.

This is an open source website, available at TheRoyalSeeker's Github